St. Jordan Secondary School

"Jumping To New Heights"

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About us

This school was inspired by the greatest basketball player that ever lived. Michael Jordan is an inspirational and prestigious man who pushed toward his goal all his life to be in the position that he was in his lifetime. Throughout his childhood he was told he could never make it, and that he was a horrible player, and didn't even make it on his high school basketball team, which almost completely ruined his self confidence. This however, did not stop his drive, and commitment toward his goal to make it big. He set a goal for himself and believed be could do anything possible, and after years of hard work, practice and dedication, he found success. The school wants its students to represent the name well by showing the same hard work and commitment through their studies and sports the way that the great Michael Jordan did.
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Our Mission

Our goal for our students is to help them realize their full potential and work together to find ways to strive towards their biggest accomplishment and push past their limits in order to achieve the most success. Our school does its best to promote athletic programs for our students so they can stay active and healthy while having fun doing it.