Invention Convention

All You Need To Know

What is Invention Convention?

Dear Parents,

Mark your calendars for Tuesday, May 30th from 10:15-11:15 for the annual 3rd Grade Invention Convention! There is a folder or packet coming home with your child today with all of the important dates and information. As a class, we watched a movie about inventions and it showed students creating inventions to help make a job easier, or to solve a problem they might have. Be sure to ask your child about some of the examples from the movie. We have told the students that they cannot use one of the examples from the movie. Please refrain from creating food inventions, due to food allergies, or inventions that require live pets to be present.

It will be the responsibility of the students to keep up with bringing and taking home their Invention Folder when assignments are given throughout the next few weeks. We are taking a grade for these assignments and points will be taken off for late or incomplete parts of the folder. Please do not work ahead in the folder. We will talk about, and explain in detail each page of the folder as it is due. You are more than welcome to put the invention together at your own pace.

Please remember to keep this fun and inexpensive by looking around the house to see what can be used. The students get so excited with this project, so let their creative juices flow!

Their folder is coming home tonight, and it has a lot of information that helps explain this project in more detail. Below you will find the list of due dates. Please let your student's teacher know if you have any questions.


Due Dates

Intend to Invent: (10 points)

Due May 15th

The Breadboard and The Model: (5 points each)

Due May 18th

The Prototype and What’s in the Name: (5 points each)

Due May 23rd

The Patent and The Trademark: (5 points each)

Due May 26th

Invention Project: (50 points)

Due May 30th

Presentation at Invention Convention: (10 points)
Due May 30th