Pacific Ridge Principal's Update

Week of Monday, April 12-16th

Pacific Ridge Gear is Here!

Did you order PacRidge Gear?

Thank you for ordering our Pacific Ridge Gear! We had over 200 families order!

If you ordered Pacific Ridge sweatshirts and/or t-shirts, your order will be ready for pick-up this Wednesday, April 14th from 11:30AM-3:30 PM in our front office at Pacific Ridge Elementary School.

If you're unable to pick-up your PacRidge gear, we will send it home with your child. If you do not receive your order by Monday, April 19th, please call our office!

Consejo Hispano

Welcome to our newest support staff person!

Luisa Lopez Cuenca is our second bilingual (Spanish and English) family liaison for our school district. Along with Guadalupe Beltran from Consejo Hispano, Luisa will help ensure good and accurate communication between our Spanish-speaking families and the school staff. Luisa is also a student at University of Oregon (distance learning at this moment).

She will be contacting families this week to complete a survey about school options next fall. She will also be making contact specifically with English Learning Language families (ELD) to ensure there is communication about that program as well.

Welcome, Luisa!

Life Cycle of Marine Debris walkabout

Mrs. Manship's 5th Grade Class

Last week Mrs. Manship's 5th graders learned about the Life Cycle of Marine Debris during a walking field trip down. Students took tallies of the types of trash we saw around campus. We also talked about how trash doesn't stay in one place.
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A Cohort Families

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A note from your friendly traffic controller...

First of all, look how far we’ve come! Our staff are required to be trained in subjects ranging from first aid to pest control every year, but we have never, ever been trained or tested on traffic control! I think we are doing an awesome job so far!

During our pick-up session, we use an online program called Driveline to keep our sidewalks as safely socially distanced as possible. Our dispatch team enters your number into the system as you roll by, then that number as well as the student name and lane color their car is waiting in is automatically displayed in your student’s classroom, alerting them to come out.

Dispatch uses colors to designate lanes, thus we have an Aqua Lane, Lane 1; a Purple Lane, Lane 2; and an Orange Lane, Lane 3.

Here are some tips to keep things rolling smoothly out there.

  • STUDENT SAFETY IS OUR NUMBER ONE PRIORITY. We are training our kids to wait to load until an adult can step off the curb with them.

  • ARRIVE DURING YOUR DESIGNATED TIME WINDOW. We purposely staggered our times to keep our traffic flow moving consistently. Kinder & 1st Grade families 10:55-11:10 for pick-up. 2nd & 3rd Grade families 11:10-11:20 for pick-up. 4th & 5th Grade families 11:20-11:30 for pick-up. *If you have a child in multiple grades, please default to your youngest child for pick-up time. Your older child will also be sent out at that time.

  • DISPLAY YOUR NUMBERED HANG TAG CLEARLY FOR OUR DRIVELINE DISPATCH TEAM. If your number is not clearly displayed our dispatchers will stop you and ask your number, which will cause a long back up behind you. Be considerate, display your number.

  • KEEP IT COOL Approach the lanes slowly. We have painted numbers on the pavement. I will either hold up a 1, 2 or 3 indicating which lane we want you in. If you approach the corner too quickly you may not be able to make that turn and get into the correct lane. If the orange lane dispatcher enters your number but you end up in the purple lane, it will slow down our process.

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School Picture Retake Day!

Save the Date: Thursday, April 22nd!

Picture retakes are almost here! Please save the date: Thursday, April 22nd from 5PM-7PM!

If you missed picture day or would like retakes, please plan to come on the date above for pictures! There is no need to sign up this time! We will limit one family at a time in the picture area and will have staff on-site to direct you. Parents are welcome to stay in their car, or escort their student inside. Masks are required for everyone on-site. Students will remove their masks for pictures.

Please don't hesitate to call our office or contact our photographer directly if you have questions!

Calendar Reminders

Upcoming Important Dates:

  • Thursday, April 22nd ~ 5PM-7PM School Picture Retakes! Save the date!
  • Monday, May 31st ~ No School ~ Memorial Day
  • Thursday, June 17th ~ Last day of School ~ End of 3rd Trimester
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Wednesday Tutoring Support

Tutoring support on Wednesdays is BACK!

We are very excited to bring back our Wednesday Tutoring Program!

Beginning this Wednesday 3/31/21, you will be able to sign up for a 30 minute session with a tutor on School Bookings,, event number 7css6 .

Our paraprofessional tutors can help students with completing assignments, reading practice, writing support, or math support. Please be sure to take advantage of this great additional support for your child!

Updated Transportation Information

Please check the link below for updated bus times!

When do I keep my child home sick?

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How do I contact my child's teacher?

Teacher Contact Information

Teachers can be contacted through the family communication app in Seesaw or by phone or email. Please contact your child's teacher if you are not yet connected to your child's Seesaw account.

Also, all contact information for teachers (including phone numbers) can be found on our school website. Due to distance learning, all teachers have their own individual phone numbers. Here is the link

Pacific Ridge Elementary School

Our office is now open 8-4PM at our newly remodeled Pacific Ridge Elementary School office!