Online Brainstorming & Collaboration

What? Where? Glad you asked...

This is chance for you to get creative and collaborate!

Use this interactive whiteboard to brainstorm, vote on ideas, and create with others!

Best suited for older students (high school and beyond) and adults who are working in a group and desire real-time group participation.
Instructions are relatively easy, and the site has tips and tricks to help you get started. However, be sure to keep track of who posts what because the "sticky-notes" can be hard to follow sometimes (best to assign colors!).


Tool Categories: Creativity, Critical thinking, Problem-solving, Collaboration

Join Me!

Below I've inserted a link to my Stormboard and a screenshot so you can see what I've gotten started (I'm brainstorming gift basket ideas).
Sign up for Stormboard (it's free) and join my "storm"!
You'll need this info to participate (don't worry - it's just for fun!):
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By: Elana Denham