Salmon's Week 22 Update

February 15 - 19, 2016


Reading: We are switching up our routine for Reading, this means that homework will be a little different. Students have a weekly "check-sheet" in their Orange Reading Folder. This lays out the chapters they are reading each week, vocabulary activities and writing activities (chapter questions and chapter summaries). Spelling is all review from the past 2 quarters is printed on a colored sheet. They have three activities that must be completed and these are due by Thursday morning.

We are reading the following novels:

There is an Owl in the Shower - J. Craighead George

Owls in the Family - by F. Mowat

Hoot -by C. Haasien

Students will also be learning and reading about birds of prey, specifically owls. We are so excited to try something new.

Science - Our unit on Force and Motion/Simple Machines is well under way. Our focus is to be able to identify all the simple machines (levers, pulleys, wedges, incline planes and wheel/axles) that are around us each and every day. We are working in centers in class using so great "Simple Machine" kits.

Social Studies: We are finishing up our unit on the Northeast this next week with a quiz over the region on Thursday, February 18th. A study guide went home this past Thursday.

Valentine's Day Fun

Field Trip - Play

We will be attending a matinee at Belgrade High School on Wednesday, February 17th. The high school theatre department will be preforming for us. Please note that we will be out of the building during the afternoon due to this opportunity.

We are asking that students dress appropriately (ie - dress, skirts and/or nice pants) for this event. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact me directly.