Mrs. Parks's Newsletter

The Second Grade Scoop



What does it mean for something, someplace or someone to be unique?

This Week:

We started the new unit this week. Students read about Alaska and how it is unique. We also had MAP testing and our Friendship Day celebration this week during ELA.

Next Week: Students will compare and contrast two different places (Alaska and the Rainforest). Students will also be finding the main idea and supporting details of the text.

New Reading Log:

Students are now completing a new reading menu each evening. Students are to choose 1 activity in each section (appetizer. main course and dessert) and complete 1 activity in each section. Since reading homework is 4 nights a week and there are only 3 activities to complete, students can choose which nights they want to complete the activities. Students should still read each evening and record the book read and time read on the log, but they only have to do activities 3 out of 4 nights. I will collect the reading log on Fridays. If you have questions about this new reading log, please let me know.


Please have your child choose books to read on their independent guided reading level. (This information was given to you at conferences.) Please have your child read for at least 20 minutes.

Helpful hints:

When discussing a story with your child you not only want to ask for concrete material from the book, you want to promote critical and creative thinking as well as text to self connections, text to world connections, and visualization. We will be working on these higher-level skills in class as well!


Next Week:

The skill will be: /ir/ spelled eer (deer), ere (here), ear (near).


Your child should choose homework from the spelling menu. Students are also encouraged to access spelling tiles from BCPSone. Students can access these tiles by logging on as themselves and then going to "language arts" and then "lessons".


The test will be given on Friday. It will consist of 5 words from the list, 2 words from last week's skill and the 3 high frequency words.

Social Studies

This week:

We will continue our unit about the United States. Students will learn about goods and services, paying for goods and famous Americans.

Star Student!

Lila! You were our Star Student this past week (2/8-2/12). Way to go, Wise Westy!

We will draw for our next Star Student on Tuesday.


  • President's Day Break - No school - Monday, February 15
  • Patriot & Defender Fundraiser at Greene Turtle - February 28 from 4-8 PM
  • Professional Development - 3 hour early dismissal - Friday, March 4
  • Generations Day - Friday, March 18th from 9:30 - 11:15
  • Spring Break - Friday, March 25 to Sunday, April 3

Box Tops

  • Box Top collection is ongoing. Feel free to send yours in at any time. We have a container at school to keep them in until counting time.

Volunteer Training

You must be volunteer trained for the 2015-2016 school year in order to volunteer in your child’s classroom or attend a fieldtrip. Even if you have been volunteer trained in the past, you MUST be volunteer trained each new school year.

Volunteer training is online again this year! You can go online and complete the training on your own time that matches your schedule. Once you have completed the online volunteer training, you need to print out and bring in the certificate and application to school to be checked and signed. Please allow at least 24 hours from the time the office receives the form for the form to be processed in the front office.

If you would like to contact me, here’s how:

Phone: 410-887-3869
Write me: Write a note and include it in your child's gold folder or assignment book.