Dillon Dillon

By:Kate Banks


This book took place on a lake in Michigan for most of the book. The family goes to the lake every summer for their family vacation.


Realistic Fiction

Main Characters

The main characters are Dillon, Mom, Dad, Didier, and Daisy.


At the beginning Dillon won a contest with a prize to go to Disneyland, but the assistant forgot to send Dillon the confirmination paper. The second runner-up actually got to go. Dillon just went to the lake with the rest of his family, like they do every year. He thought about many different thoughts while drivng to the lake.


The family stoped at a gas station before they were at the lake. Dillon met a girl named Eunice S. while he was waiting in the bathroom line. Dillon found out she would also be on the lake at a summer camp. Once they got to the lake Dillon went to the island in a lake. Dillon met two loons and their baby chick on the island.


At the end of the story Dillon begins to feel he also a bird, because of how the loons accept and communicate with him. Dillon goes to the island everyday and watches them. The loons leave thir chick for days and Dillon watched it, but they came back. Dillon has to go back home at the end of summer and has to go back to being a boy.

Why is his name Dillon Dillon?

Dillon is a boy whose real parents died in a plane accident when was 1 year and a half old(18 months). They named him Dillon and his parents now did not want to change that. The last name he recieved when he got a adopted was Dillon. So, you get Dillon Dillon. He now live with his uncle and aunt that adopted him. He is also lives  with "brother and sister Didier and Daisy. 

From Barnes and Noble

"What kind of parents would name their child Dillon Dillon? For his tenth birthday, Dillon's parents give him a red rowboat with his name painted on the stern: Dillon Dillon. Why did his parents give him a name like that? To Dillon, it seems like the right time to find out. The truth alters everything Dillon has ever known or felt about himself and his family."                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            -                                                                               -Barnes and Noble  

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By: Micah N.