The Mystery's of the organism's

By: Anthony G.

The Main 4

Protist (Unicellular organism) interest me. Because they are smaller than cells and I thought cells were small because they are "The Basic Units of Life". But there are like 8 type's of these but today we will talk about the main four type's.But all of these little guys are special in there own way, but they are kinda similar to a cell. They have organelle's like a cell (Nucleus, cell membrane, Chloroplast, etc.), but they don't have all of the same features though. So yea there is 4 main different type's of Protist and that is the Euglena, Amoeba, Volvox, and paramecium.


Euglena is the the most plant like out of the 4 of them. They use there solar panels inside of them (Chloroplast) go to light and make energy. But if they can't find any light they get energy from there cell walls and make energy. But they only use it for emergencies. Like a biker that is going to beat you up that is going to get out its switchblade for special moment's like these. So what it does it do is it uses it flagella, which is like a tail which he uses (in like a twirling motion) to get to light. And when it is in light it would be able to reproduce by cutting itself in to. But the original Euglena is smaller than it was originally (Sound's like my brother).
Protists: Pond Microlife - Euglena


Amoeba are like fish in a way. They all have a way to get there food like Amoeba (Amoeba also live underwater). Amoeba use there pseudopods and surround's it's prey. But they have to get to there prey, so they change shape to go to place's they can reach. But Amoeba are exactly like fish. Fish most of the time reproduce sexually. But Amoeba reproduce asexually by making two smaller copy's of itself (this is called binary fusion). But another thing that Amoeba are not that similar fish because it can't have to much water cause then it would explode.
Nutrition in Amoeba | Mocomi Kids


Volvox are organism's that live in packs. There like plant's in a sphere that just roll around (like a boss) absorbing light and making it's own food. The reason why there is a lot of Volvex and how they are in one group is because they produce a lot of other Volvox. They literally let out a colony of it's young one's. But they try to stay invisible so that is also why they are hard to find.
Protists: Pond Microlife - Volvox


Finally the best for last. The most human like of all of them. A paramecium eat's microorganism's by using it's oral groove. And the oral groove is like a tung in a way because it help's swallow it's food (prey). But in order to move it uses these hair like thing's on the side called cilia. But this is kinda different from everyone else. It is not only asexual but it is also sexual (by fusing with another Paramecium). [Ha ALRIGHT :)]. And another thing that a Paramecium is similar to a human is breathe's H20 like a human. It collect's H20 and remove's like a person. (Breathing in and out)
Protists: Pond Microlife - Paramecium