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21st Century Learners

As our society moves forward into the new Millennium the children in our schools will need to be increasingly aware of their place in that society and what expectations confront them. In order to be prepared to meet these challenges our students must develop a resilience born of curiosity. That's curiosity derived from trying new things, being creative risk takers willing to make mistakes, and learn from those mistakes. These brave young people will have the skills to communicate with others on a global level, being able to interact, contribute and compromise in order to achieve their goals. With the increasing development and reliance on digital technology comes an underlying need for users to be able to understand the grass roots of the who, what, where, why and how so that they may manage their lives and make a meaningful contribution to society.

Use the Force

As we rise to meet these challenges, the force that is within and around us, that driving desire to succeed, to be recognised for having given 'it' a go, to achieve the acceptance of our peers being patient, persevering, and persistent will be the tools that our young leaders will have at their disposal to see them through. They will only be thus armed if we prepare them for the task ahead. The onus is on us, not only as teachers but as parents, relatives and citizens of their community supporting them as they grow.
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How2Learn as a basis for learning development

As Primary teachers it is incumbent upon us to provide our charges with the tools that they may face their challenges confidently. Building character forming traits such as emotional, social, ethical and mental so they may take a productive place in society, is a guiding tenet of the How2Learn program. This encompasses 'real-life' learning where our students can become socially responsible, appreciate their successes, however small they maybe, for they are a true reward for hard applied effort.
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