Journey To Be

By: Mark R Slaughter

Journey To Be

Journey to Be

I think I'll journey out some day to wondrous lands afar,
Or even chart a journey to a distant blazing star.
But rest assured that when my journey begs to take its cue,
Always know that when I go, this journey takes you too.

We'll start our journey out from here by horse and cart of old,
The seaside docks - and journey pauses - where we shall behold
A noble schooner for the journey primed to launch as planned:
To sail with dolphins cross the seas then journey back on land.

And so our journey goes by foot to conquer mountains tall:
A chapter hence the journey reached, with scenes that should enthral.
But when we tire, let's rest our journey, stretched in fields of flowers,
And bathe atop the mountain from the journey - autumn showers!

Refreshed, our journey takes a turn - we'll venture back for home,
But first we'll let the journey take a tangent just to roam.
And in the winding route, this journey's bound to bide content,
But most of all take heed - let's make our journey life's event.

My Mind

To explain your mind is one of the hardest things to do, because you dont know hot to put it. but just the feeling of escaping the real world onto the world you can only dream about. Now it seems impossible, but that is where you are wrong. The feeling of being out and free to wonder your thoughts is the most amazing thing that could be now a days. To go and journey you dreams in the real. To have that one day where no is there to hold you back to wonder, to explore, of follow that voice in your head. Break away from everything. As you hear it speak to you saying '' Go to where your heart desires. find your self in the new world. Your free now.''
Relient K, Be my Escape
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