Christian Blair

First basemen

Love for Baseball

  • The reason I like baseball is because you get to throw, catch,and you can hit balls with a bat.Last year for babe ruth my team got 2nd place I your divison. I played first base.My friends played also
  • The second reason is you can run .I don't usally like to run except when I play baseball
  • The third and last reason I like it is because that I like to go to the games and watch the pros go at.My favorite team is the cleveland indians.They are not the best but well get there.I went to two of there games last year.

My Favorite Baseball Teams

  • OSU
  • Cleveland Indians
  • Chicago Cubs
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favorite movies

my favorite movies are live die repeat,fifty shades of grey, and fast and furious.

My family

I have a brother named Titan, my mom, her name is Candee,and my sister, her name is Storm.My family and I go to the park,baseball games and also go fishing together.Last year for vaction we went to Tennessese and stayed in a cambin,It as pretty fun.This is my family .


Baseball is a fun and fasinating sport that is one of the worlds most popular. One day I hope to be a professional baseball player or go to college for baseball.


When i'm not playing baseball I also like to wrestle,fish hunt,walk with friends,and sit around a fire.