Kara Kling

What are Lipids?

The primary role of lipids is to provide energy for muscles and body processes. They're also used to insulate and protect your body. Lipids are essential for proper digestion and absorption of food and nutrients.

Major Sources of Lipids

Examples of lipids are milk, cheese, meat, butter, cream, and shortening.

Effects of Lipids

If you don't get enough fat, there's many symptoms you could have: splitting, or brittle nails, night blindness, confusion and disorientation, depression, and fatty food cravings.

Too much fat could lead to weight gain.

Interesting Facts

1. Eating too much fat can increase the risk of several diseases: heart disease and cancer.

2. Lipids are involved in the processes of how the human body stores energy.

3. One of the most interesting groups of lipids are steroids.

Acrostic Poem

Lipids are needed to be healthy

Insulation to your body

Protection to your body

In many foods

Disorientation can be caused from not getting enough fat

Saturated fats are a type of lipid