Snow Leopard

Endangered Species Project

Common Name: Snow Leopard

Scientific Name: Panthera Uncia

Adaptation, Physical and Behavior

Snow Leopards are very shy animals, so they would much rather run then fight. This behavior adaptations help them stay alive in tough situations.

Physically, they are built perfectly for their enviroment, which happens to be at the top of a mountain in Afghanistan.


There are very little number of plants in the snow leopards natural habitat, a cold, snowy, mountain top with strong winds. The only plants that can survive in these extreme conditions are small shrubs and grasses. Yet this is all that is needed to keep the ecosystem here going. The small grasses and shrubs feed the goats and ibex and cattle that feed the snow leopards.

Food Pyramid and Food Web

New Habitat/Zoo Area Proposal

-Thinner air (All animals have developed stronger lungs and are used to thin air on mountain tops)

-Small grasses/shrubs


-Ibex, bharal, chukar, and other prey for snow leopard

-Small ponds for water

Pressures Causing Endangerment to Snow Leopards

Snow leopards are often poached for their furs and have been over hunted. Building projects have caused the snow leopards to lose their habitat and food/water sources.