Social Studies

Colonial America

By: Isabelle Larson

New England Colonies

The early settlements for the New England colonies would be In Jamestown. The new England colonies soon found that Jamestown was not a safe or healthy place for settlement. They had very much conflict between the Native Americans, there were also swarms of mosquitoes everywhere, the food was limited in Jamestown after the coldest winter they have ever experienced.

For jobs in Jamestown some people earned their livings by cutting timber from dense forests. They also ship, fished, or hunted whales along the coast. They did not have very good farmland so that was a big part of the problem for food limit , because they could not grow food/crops to eat. The New England built houses together that created a town.

Like all the all the other colonies. Another thing in common about the other colonies is that they all believed strongly in religion. One of the big parts including all the colonies was trade. They traded back and forth between each other. Which led them to have some of the stuff Jamestown lacked, such as crops from the middle colonies. England passed laws limiting colonists trades with other countries, witch did not help with the issue of the food limits at all.

Middle Colonies

After it's discovery by the dutch in the 1620's, New Netherlands became a thriving trading center. Soon after that the middle colony's early settlement landed In the New Jersey area in the 1630's. The New Jersey area had a lot of good farm land, witch helped other colonies who didn't. Climate changed as the seasons went by. But, it was also pretty cold during the winter. The middle colonies during the day worked hard every day to harvest their crops for trade, preparing for dinner, or put away for the winter when you could not get to the crops.

Religion was a very big part of all of the colonies but, for the middle colonies it was such a big deal something had to be done. People got kicked out of the town for believing differently than they told them too. This problem was carried on to a Quaker. (A Quaker is someone is opposed to war and felt people should pray in their own way.) William Penn to be exact. The people of different religion were sent off to Pennsylvania. That is where William Penn was. William Penn believed strongly in protecting each others rights, freedom, and to practice his/her religion.

Southern Colonies

In Maryland ( one of the places the early settlements took place.) had very good relationships between the Native Americans and the southern colonies. In Virginia Catholic people were welcome. In the Southern Colonies, ( especially in South Carolina.) They had Slaves. It was a horrible thing to take part in and do. The Southern Colonies had a lot of farm work to do, (because they had good farmland.) they did not want to do all of it themselves. So, they thought "lets let other people do it because we don't want to." So, they picked on the African Americans.

The African Americans jobs included farm work, house work, and cooking and preparing food. The southern colonies believed in trading thing like all other colonies. But, their trades were different. They had auctions. If you are wondering what the auctions were for... they auctioned off African Americans for slaves. There wasn't as many slaves as in the north than the south. Slaves had very few rights and were held against their will and freedom. Witch is always a bad decision to make.

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