What can I do help our world?

A student's view on climate change

What is Climate Change?

Climate change is the change of weather patterns and climate globally.

Climate Change Facts:

  • Acidity levels have raised 25%-30% since fossil fuels have been introduced to our economy
  • millions of people will have to move from their homes due to rising sea levels
  • oceans absorb about 90% of the green house gases produced by humans, putting the sea animals at risk who produce 70% of our oxygen
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How can I help?

There are 3 steps that everyone needs to take to halt climate change-

  • Accept
  • Prepare
  • Take Action
Accepting that our Earth is in trouble is the main problem. Government officials put their fingers in their ears and ignore our country's needs just because a lot of them profit from non renewable energy sources. WE need to take action NOW!!!!!!! Our planet is changing fast, and there is no planet B. What will our future generations have of we continue like this? Time to stop denying and start doing!

Ways I can reduce my greenhouse gas emissions

On average in the United States, each person emits 17 metric tons of CO2. Here are some ways we can decrease our greenhouse gas emissions -

1. Watching what we eat

This sounds a little crazy, but certain animals that you eat produce a lot of carbon emissions. Carbon Dioxide is dangerous because it traps heat warming the Earth, an even dangerous gas though is methane. Each Westernized Cattle produces 120kg of methane each year. By not buying beef you are decreasing your green house gas emissions. Other animals that produce a lot of methane are sheep and pigs.

2. Choosing to walk

Cars are a great part of our lives, but choosing to walk saves money and is nice to the planet. Cars emit harmful gases that eat away at our atmosphere so choosing to walk is always the best choice.

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The only way we can stop climate change is by accepting, preparing and doing, together. I urge everyone to open their eyes to what is going on in our world.