St. Joe's School

December 2019/January 2020

Pre-K News from Ms. Walbridge

There is a lot of excitement in Pre-K this time of the year! Please remember to send your child with Winter gear daily. If it is above 20 degrees outside we will be going out to play! All you do is greatly appreciated! Have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Years!
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Kindergarten News!

We had an amazing time this month in kindergarten. We learned about being kind to others. We were able to do 15 days of kindness in December! We made thank you cards, bookmarks and even got to invite our friends from Mrs. Leahy’s class to play playdough with us! Being kind can be fun!

We are looking forward to a brand new year! We are working very hard at learning how to read. Almost all of us know our letters and sounds and we have been working hard at sounding out words to read them as well as writing the sounds in words so that we can write them. Mrs. Swan is so proud of all the hard work we have been doing!

In math we are learning to identify numbers, especially those tricky teens. We’ve also been comparing numbers and learning about greater than, less than and equal to. And of course we have been counting!

As always, we thank you for all you do to help your children be successful at school and become lifelong learners.

First Grade Excitment from Mrs. Premo and Mrs. LaBare

Our first graders have been taking part in many activities related to the holidays. They made cards for students all over the United States and some in Canada as part of an exchange. We have been very excited as our cards have arrived at school!

Our holiday parties will be on December 19. Just a reminder that you are welcome to send in an item or items for each child in the class. The children will each be making a bag for the gifts that are sent in. The gifts can be something such as a pencil or eraser.

Reminder: We will go outside for recess each day the weather permits. Please send in winter clothing and boots for outdoor recess.

Second Grade News from Mrs. Andrews and Mr. Wheeler

Second graders have been working hard to learn many new skills. We’ve been reading expository and fictional texts about the world around us. Students have learned to identify the main idea and supporting details in a nonfiction text.

In math, students learned to subtract one and two digit numbers. They learned how to regroup (borrow) from the tens to increase the number in the ones column (when necessary). Students learned to check their answers and create fact families. Students continue to work on mastering their basic addition and subtraction facts.

In science, students have been learning about solids, liquids, and gasses. They also learned about physical and chemical changes. We made soda floats to see solids, liquids, and gasses.

As part of our P.E.E.P.S. program, second grade students met with our fifth grade friends to discuss what we are thankful for. Then, they created turkeys to display the different things they were thankful for.

The winter weather has arrived! Please remember that students will go outside for recess when the temperature is 20 degrees or above (weather permitting). It is important that they bring the appropriate clothing for the winter weather when it finally does arrive (coat, snow pants, gloves/mittens, boots, etc.).

Happy Holidays!

Third Grade News!

Happy New Year to all of our 3rd Grade families! We’ve been really busy at St. Joe’s with the new year approaching. In math, we are working on four digit addition and subtraction. We are also using rounding to estimate and check how reasonable our answers are. In ELA, we have been learning about nouns, cause and effect, and metaphors. In social studies, the students are learning all about map skills by using their Map Champs workbooks. We are just finishing up writing our personal narratives and will be moving on to explanatory writing after break.

4th Grade News

We loved seeing all of your children at the concert! We are very excited for our field trip to Titus Mountain on January 14. This is always a fun trip with lots of laughs and a great learning experience to begin joining the long winter! Have a wonderful holiday and we will see everyone in 2020!
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5th Grade Happenings

5th graders have been reading the novel, Raymie Nightingale, by Kate DiCamillo as part of our first novel study of the year. In the novel study, students use skills learned and practiced throughout our first unit by reading an authentic text. Some of the skills from the unit are: understanding figurative language, sequencing, problem and solution and understanding plot elements. As a final project for the novel study, students created word clouds with words that were symbolic of themes in the story.

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Counselor's Corners

Happy Holidays! At the end of last month I was able to visit each classroom and complete a lesson about what Fair means. We read the book Fair is Fair by Sonny Valera the students learned that fair does not mean that everyone gets that same exact thing, they learned that Fair means that everyone gets what they NEED.

The second round of lunch bunch has started and will be completed by the beginning of February. Lunch Bunch is a popular program at St. Joe’s school and I am not able to fit all students in a group within the first two rounds but if your child has been signed up they will be in a group before the end of the year!

This year continues to be fun and exciting! Do not hesitate to contact me if there is something I can do for your child.

Mrs. McGibbon

School Counselor
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The Reading Nook

We would love to share some of our favorite read alouds for this time of year. Find a warm, cozy spot and curl up with one of these great books:

Snowmen at Work by Caralyn Buehner
The Three Snowbears by Jan Brett
There Was a Cold Lady Who Swallowed Some Snow by Lucille Colandro
A Perfect Day by Carin Berger
Over and Under the Snow by Kate Messner

Here are some questions you may want to use when talking about these books or any books you are reading with your child:
Before reading:

• What do you think this story or book will be about? Why?

• What do you already know about____?

During reading:

• Can you picture in your mind what is happening? What does it look like?

• Has this [event that occurs in the story] ever happened to you?

• What do you think will happen next? Why?

After reading:

• What did you think would happen? Were you right?

• Who or what is the story about? Where does the story take place?

• What happened in the story that surprised you?

Have a safe and enjoyable winter!

Physical Education News with Mr. Powers

Below is a picture of Mason Foote a first grade student working on dribbling. The students in k-2 for the past few weeks have been working on basketball dribbling and locomotor skills. The students in 3rd-5th grades have been working on fundamentals skills of basketball such as dribbling, passing, and shooting. I would like to congratulate Bonnie McKee a 3rd grade student and Garrick Leduc a 2nd grade student for both being the Student of the Month for November in Physical Education class. They both have demonstrated being good role models by always putting in their best effort, helping other classmates succeed, and always following directions.

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