Danger In Sydney

By: Emily Sui

It was the first day back from the holidays and we were so happy to see our friends again but something happened... Something horrifying... Something outrageous... Something that we never experienced before.. A deady Earthquake.

Danger In Sydney

The devestating Earthquake it only lasted for only 20 seconds but it was powerful. 30 students died in the Earthquake but some survived too.

When Did It Happen

Danger In Sydeny struck Sydney at December 10th 2016 at 11:00 A.M when everyone was eating their recess.


It was 11:00 A.M and I was walking out of my classroom going to recess with my friends. We went to a spot to sit down and eat our recess together.
While we were eating our recess I fet a slight faint movement on the ground. It grew stronger and stronger and even the ground ripped apart. There were crowded students running around but I could bearly hear them screaming because of how loud the rumbling noises where. Me and my friends were horrified and so there was an announcement that we have to go back to our classroom and be covered by a desk so out class and Ms.Doyle rushed to the classroom and hid under our desks.
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After a few seconds later the violent shaking stopped and everything was silent. All I saw was collapsed school buildings and a bunch of dust everywhere. Me, My friends and Ms.Doyle found 40 injured students but the rest of the students died. There were alot of small fires in the dead grass too. I was worried that my family was no longer there but there were still alive.
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Mack- I survived in the disaster but all I saw was darkness because I was burried underneath the buildings that fell on top of me. I was injured too.

Mia- I smelt burnt things and I saw loads of dust everywhere. I saw the pipe gas leaking everywhere

Ms.Doyle- I was horrified and shocked that there was going to be an earthquake on the first day back to school. I was trying to protect the kids from the objects but then half of the classroom got ripped apart... Me and some other students survived but the others didn't make it out alive sadly...

Half of my school was destroyed... Everything was destroyed... Some students didn't make it out alive... Will everything be the same ever again?... I guess maybe not...