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Jenkins Elementary

Jenkins faculty & staff,

Super job Team Jenkins!

We have had an eventful week of school on several levels, but nevertheless we stay focused on the “right work” and have successfully completed the task for the week. Many times our daily journey may come with some challenges, we may experience some frustrations, we may even ask ourselves from time to time “Why does it have to be this way? As we continue to reflect, try to remember that what happened on yesterday does not have any power over the possibilities of today. Every day is new, fresh and the impossible becomes the possible. I stand alongside you and in support of our commitment to being an educator, passion for the love of children & families and purposeful to make sure that every single minute counts.

Reflection for the week

“The ultimate measure of a man is not where he stands in moments of comfort and convenience, but where he stands at times of challenge and controversy.”—Martin Luther King, Jr.

Safety and Security

Please do not prop our doors open for any reason. This is a breach against our safety security process and can create an opportunity for an intruder to enter. Practice safe habits for yourself and everyone else daily.

Teaching and Learning

  • Develop your plan
  • Use your Data to drive your instruction.
  • Know your kids
  • Avoid excuses and do something different
  • You are the expert in your classroom
  • The students depend on you to guide them.
  • Remember to FOCUS on the “RIGHT WORK”.
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Jenkins Elementary Vision for STEM

What is STEM? In Gwinnett County Public Schools it is the application of science, technology, and mathematics through the use of the design process to engineer solutions that enhance current systems and improves the quality of life. Effective STEM Instruction consists of several core elements, including rigorous lessons, Integrated Instruction, relevant experiences for students in the classroom setting.

Our vision for STEM implementation at Jenkins is for all of our students to perform at high levels mathematically and scientifically using effective problem solving methodologies. Effective STEM instruction at Jenkins will consists of several core elements, including rigorous lessons, integrating core subjects of math, science and technology with quality instruction, and providing relevant learning experiences for students in the classroom setting.

Paradigm shift for teachers at Jenkins will be transformational teaching in the classroom from primarily teaching in an “absolute” fashion with math and science to allowing students to learn, process, and create self-guided engineered artifacts and project outcomes from the learning concepts related to math, science and technology authentically, consistently and pervasively for all K-5 classrooms.

  • 2nd Nine Weeks 2015 – JES STEM Core Group review next steps for initial implementation of a School-wide STEM teaching model. Suggested model presented to Leadership Team. Plan of action for STEM shared during grade level meetings. Core JES STEM Group members model lessons, grade level coaches Q & A sessions to work on school-wide curriculum map. Buck Institute visits Jenkins to observe STEM in action and conduct evaluation. All 2nd & 4th grade classrooms implement at least one cohesive STEM related lesson in each classroom. Input/Feedback and data collection at the end of the 2nd Nine Weeks.


Tuesday’s – Chorus, Art Club,

Wednesday's - Witzzle Pro Club, J.L.A

Thursday's - Science and Yearbook Club, J.L.A.

Friday's - Peer Leaders, Technology and Running Club

December Birthday's

Tara Tanner 12/5

Domnica Sipos 12/10

Sandra Holt 12/17

Brittany Ramsey 12/17

Cindy Sullivan 12/23

Jessica Newsome 12/27

Elsa Green 12/30

Milagros Rodriguez 12/31

Relay for Life

Join Jenkins Black Knight Relay for Life Team!

Team’s goal is $10,000!

  • Relay for Life at Gwinnett Fairgrounds on May 13th
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All day WOW sessions are back!


  • Jan. 8th - 1st- WOW
  • Jan. 11th - Kndg. - WOW
  • Jan. 12th - 5th - WOW
  • Jan. 13th-4th-WOW
  • Jan. 14th-3rd – WOW
  • Jan. 15th - 2nd-WOW

Jenkins Black Knight Kudos Corner