Heads Up on What is Coming Up!

Mrs. Gillis' second grade classroom

About Me

Hello all! I am so excited for this school year to kick into action! As you all probably know, this is my first year teaching and I am so excited to experience my first year of my career with all of your amazing children! I know there is a lot of information this Newsletter contains, but I want to make sure my students parents are up-to-date on what is happening! Thank you and I am so excited to meet those of you I have not had the pleasure of meeting yet at the Parent Orientation on August 30th!

Classroom Rules!

1. Work as a Team.

2. Be Responsible.

3. Listen to others.

4. Be Respectful.

5. Be Kind and Helpful.

6. Do your Best.

This Week's Classroom Schedule: August 22-26

Monday: We will be getting our hands dirty exploring all different shapes and sizes of rocks from the school courtyard. Then we will go back into the classroom and learn how rocks are formed.
Tuesday: We are going to be learning how to separate objects into groups of hundreds, tens, and ones.
Wednesday: We are going to be going back into history to learn about where the colors and design of the United States Flag originated from.
Thursday: We will have our first spelling test. (students already have the lists but just in case, they are also available in this newsletter.)
Friday: We will be prepping for the Zoo trip coming up in just a little over a week by exploring what types of animals we are going to be encountering. (More information on the trip is listed below.)

Dates to Remember:

Picture day: Monday, August 29th

Parent Orientation: Tuesday, August 30th

Open House: Wednesday, September 14th

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Mark Your Calendar!

Now that all of your amazing children are in second grade now, this means that we are going to be going on the annual Second Grade Zoo trip to the Patawatomi Zoo! This will happen the first week of September! This trip is a great start to the school year and gets the students very interested in their scientific minds. At the zoo, we are going to examine all of the different animals and our little scientists will explore the differences in the climates of each animal. We are all so looking forward to this trip and cannot wait for the kids to learn all about the different animals!

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Patawatomi Zoo Trip

Monday, Sep. 5th, 9am

500 S Greenlawn Ave

South Bend, IN

The buses for the Zoo will leave at 9:00 am and we will be getting back to the school parking lot at 2:15 before the kids will be picked up for the day.

Spelling Words: TEST THURSDAY!

  • sad
  • dig
  • if
  • fix
  • jam
  • rip
  • glad
  • kit
  • list
  • mask
  • win
  • flat
  • as
  • his
If you have any questions don't hesitate to e-mail me at: educmaggiegillis@gmail.com