Clean Water

finding ways to bring clean water to those in need.

Why Is Clean Water So Important?

The first reason Clean water is so important is because it is something that every human needs to be healthy. Diseases from unsafe water results in 30,000 deaths every week and 2.2 million a year due to unsanitary water. Children are the most prone to this because their bodies are not strong enough to fight off these illnesses.

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Another very big issue that makes clean water so important is that in places that do not have a close supply of clean water Men, Women and children spend countless hours walking to find water that is clean enough for them to drink, cook, and bathe with. And even after they spend their time looking for this clean water there is still a chance that the water has life threatening bacteria. The time they spend walking and or searching for water is time that they are not working or going to school to better their own lives.

Clean water is something that you cannot live without. It is so important that people all over the globe sacrifice their educations, careers, and many other things to make sure they have enough for them and their family.

Dirty water kills more people a year than any form of violence, including war... but it doesn't have to.

How Can YOU Help?

A big way that we can help change this problem for the better is by raising money to drill wells or build other water technology systems that best compliment a certain village. An average well or water sanitary system cost anywhere from $8,800-20,00.

With your help you can change a whole communities life and get them on the pathway to success by providing a clean source of water to keep them healthy and clean.

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Donate to The Water Project to provide clean water to people around the world.