Life Of 6th Graders

Enjoy our school and 6th grade

The Beginning

6th grade may seem hard at the beginning of the year and I will tell you advice for the days ahead.

You will need many supplies like pencils because pencils just disappear.

When you are lonely you can make friend just go up and talk to them don't be shy.

Classroom Behavior

When in a class room you have to behave well.

Treat your teacher with respect even the substitute. listen to the teacher and pay attention to what he or is saying. Behave while seated and don't speak when the teacher is talking.

Make sure your keeping up in class you can write down the assignments.

Chromebook care

I six grade you will get a Chromebook that you will take home and care for. You have to put it on an even surface so it doesn't fall. keep it away from liquids,foods, and animals. last thing always hold it with two hands or if its in the case hold by the straps if you'd like.

Strike system

For a while 6th grade will have a strike system to prepare you for the following years. listen to the teacher, don't be rude, try to keep supply's needed so you can avoid strikes. if you don't get ten strikes you will participate in end of year activities but if you get zero strikes you'll be given a special activity.

The Locker

In 6th grade you will be given a locker a it's locker combination. Here some school items you'll need in your locker, extra supplies, backpack, and some other items that you need. Also you can decorate it when you have time. To unlock your locker you need to twist it to the right twice completely then stop at the first number, now twist it left one whole time then go to the next number, lastly twist it right to go to the last number.
How To Open A Locker