Global Internship Program -

Say what?!

Frequently Asked Questions about AIESEC and GIP

AIESEC is/has...

  • ... the world's largest student run organization!
  • ... been around since the 1940s
  • ... 86 000 members
  • ... present in approx. 113 countries
  • ... aspiring to achieve Peace and Fulfillment of Humankind's Potential
  • ... focused on developing the leaders of tomorrow

And how do we do that?

  • AIESEC has four main programmes, the Global Internship Programme (GIP) is one of them
  • The GIP aims at allowing students to gain experience from working as a professional intern within your field of study
  • A GIP is always located in a country different from your country of residence, thus allowing you to broaden your cultural knowledge at the same time as you put your academic skills to practice

But Guys, I'm sure I can find an internship on my own, for free?!

We are also sure that you are able to do so! The advantages of joining our programme however, are that all our internships are collected in one database where you can sort out the ones that suit you. The internships are selected by us, meaning that they have passed a quality check. During the whole process you will be coached by one of our members, your EP-Buddy. You will e.g. be assisted in writing your CV and Cover Letter. Since your Buddy will get to know you he or she can also recommend you directly to the company. Once you have been matched with a company we will assist you in applying for VISAs, work permits, accommodation etc. Most importantly you will be met by AIESEC members at your destination, meaning that you will be guided into the new culture by participating in their events. This also means that you always have someone to turn to with any issues that may come up. And all this for only 5000kr.

Sounds cool right?

For more info have a look at our website, check out our Facebook or send us an email!

If you already feel that you want to apply then send your CV to the email address below, together with a Cover Letter where you explain Why you want to go on an internship, Where you would like to go and When!