May 2 - 6

It's Staff Appreciation Week!

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So Thankful for Everything that YOU Do for your KIDS!

  • Mundane Monday – PTA will provide teachers and staff with a breakfast cart.
  • Taco Tuesday - PTA will provide teachers and staff with a taco bar lunch in the lounge.
  • Wacky Wednesday - PTA will provide teachers and staff with a Sonic drink.
  • Thankful Thursday – PTA will provide teachers and staff with afternoon snacks.
  • Fabulous Friday - PTA will provide teachers and staff with a Beach BBQ themed luncheon.

Dates to Remember

For planning purposes and to help everyone be aware of ALL the events, I have included everything I currently have on the calendar for the rest of the school year. Please check regularly for updates or possible changes.

4/18 - 5/13 - GT screening window (no GT classes during testing time)


5/3 - Kinder Spring Orientation @ 6:00 pm

5/6 - Muffins with Mom

5/6 - PTA Staff Appreciation Luncheon

5/7 - Election Day

5/9 - 5/12 - CLOSED CAMPUS due to STAAR testing

5/9 - 3rd & 4th graders take STAAR Math Test -3rd & 4th graders can also go to the cafeteria and receive a FREE BREAKFAST. Thank you, Sodexo!

5/10 - 3rd & 4th graders take STAAR Reading Test -3rd & 4th graders can also go to the cafeteria and receive a FREE BREAKFAST. Thank you, Sodexo!

5/12 - PTA Spirit Night @ Chick Fil-A

5/16 - School Assembly - 4th grade performance @ 1:30 pm

5/16 - at 7:00 p.m. in KHES Cafeteria-Bucket Drummers, Honor Choir, and 4th grade Recorder Concert

5/17 - 4th graders visit BCI @ 9:00

5/17 - CEIC Meeting @ 3:30

5/18 - School assembly - Bucket Drummers @ 9:00 NEW TO CALENDAR

5/18 - Marilyn Dennehey book workshop NEW TO CALENDAR

  • 1st grade 10:15-11:00
  • 3rd grade 11:15-12:00
  • 2nd grade 12:15-1:00

5/19 - All Pro-Dads @ 7:00 am

5/19 - 4th grade @ Play Day - Keller HS

5/19 - Kindergarten Field Trip - Omni Theater

5/19 - Choir & Bucket Drummers perform at the KISD Art show and reception at Keller Town Hall @ 4:45

5/23 - 5/26 - Talent Show

5/23 - 5/27 - Student Appreciation week

5/25 - Keller PD "Special Olympics" Torch Run (SEE BELOW)

5/26 - 4th grade Fine Arts Field trip - Amon Carter Museum

5/27 - KHES Field Day

5/30 - Memorial Day Holiday/No School

6/1 - Kindergarten graduation @ 8:30 am

6/2 - 4th grade graduation @ 8:00 am

6/2 - Early Release Day/Last Day of School

6/3 - Teacher Work Day

Spring Meeting Dates

May 5 - Additional STAAR Training (e.g. oral administration)

May 12 - Ice Cream Social in PD room/Service Pins

May 19 - Work on Class Placement NEW TOPIC

May 26 - Faculty Meeting: KHES goals for 16-17 NEW TOPIC

Topics listed above still MAY change. I do not know if Leadership will be coming over again to discuss next year's Principal.


  • Thank you, Brenda for helping us successfully teach math. All of your hard work is appreciated!
  • Caroline, you have such a caring heart! I cannot tell you how much I appreciate the time you took to help out in the classrooms at Woodland Springs. It's so nice to see how much support & love we have for our other schools.
  • Kaye, thank you so much for your caring spirit. You are such a wonderful & kind teacher. the teachers at Woodland Springs needed help and you did not hesitate to go help. thank you for supporting other campuses in the district.
  • My darling son decided to take his bike on the bus to swim practice not thinking how he was going to get it home. Sarah graciously offered to put his bike in her car and drive it home after working a double shift of cookie selling at McDonald's. thank you so much for your help.
  • An overdue Heart @ Work goes to the Kinder team for attending the ELC Home Campus night. This event, in partnership with the ELC & all the elementary schools welcomes our families who will have a kinder student at KHES. Thank you for being there to help our future families.
  • Rochelle, thank you for taking the extra time to help Jennifer Atkinson last week. Your dedication to our students is amazing. Thank you for all that you do.
  • Jessica, thank you so much for the extra support you are providing to so many of our students...not just the students in your classroom. You may think you've been "behind the scenes" but I have noticed all the extras you are doing. Thanks for all that you do.
  • Kat, thank you so much for everything that you do for the students at KHES. There are so many things that you do each & every day and I can see how much you care for students in and out of your classroom. Thank you for all the extras!
  • Brenda, thank you so much for help me "get all the kinks" out! I appreciate your kindness and thoughtfulness.
  • Jennifer H., thank you for all the additional support you have given to your classroom. You have taken special care in writing lesson plans, making copies, and supporting teachers, subs and most importantly, students. Thank you for your caring heart.

Most Awesome Teacher/Staff Parking Raffle

This week’s lucky winner is RICH THOMASON! Enjoy your week of parking a little closer to the building and in a very special place.

Campus News

Torch Run

Here is the course for the Torch Run w/ the policemen on 5/25. The approximate start time will be 9:15 from KMS. They will run from Hovenkamp, to Jessie, to Johnson Road and then end at Keller High School. You can begin to take your students out to the grass/sidewalk between the stop sign at Norma Lane/Johnson Road and the exit of our parking lot to Johnson Road around 9:00. Thanks so much for supporting the Special Olympics.
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Summer School Plans

Lots of information was shared at the last Team Leader meeting.

  • All 3rd and 4th grade classrooms will be used for summer school classrooms
  • All rooms on E-Hall are the "back up" rooms should they need additional space.
  • If there is something that you do not want others to have access to, please take it home.
  • You do not have to cover anything up.
  • If you are switching classrooms and are planning to pack up before you begin your summer break, you can leave your things in your current room or move them to your new room. It is your decision.
  • Summer school teachers will have ALL supplies given to them...even paper clips!

Where are Kristen & Jane this week?

Monday - both on campus

Tuesday - both on campus

Wednesday - both on campus

Thursday - both on campus

Friday - both on campus

District News & Events

DEIC Elections

The 2016-2017 DEIC Professional Staff Elections Survey is now open for voting. Elections will run through Friday, May 6th. The contributions and advocacy from the DEIC members for your campuses and feeder patterns have added value to our organization which is why we ask that you please encourage your staff to participate in the survey.

Once you click the link, it will open up to the survey.

In order to participate, you may either:


Click on this link



Copy-paste the entire following link between quote marks (NOT including the quote marks) in a web browser
" "

PTA News

spring Fling

The Spring Fling was so much fun on Friday night. Many thanks to everyone who was able to come out ~ Sarah, Paula, Julie, D'Lene, Kimberly, Cathy, Denise, April, Susan, Sharon, Tara, Marsha and Stephen. I do hope I didn't forget someone!

PTA Magic Show May 20th

All grade levels will attend this PTA sponsored event. The show will begin at approximately 8:30 am in the cafeteria.
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Student Appreciation Week is May 23 - 27

Monday – Mindcraft Monday/Board Games (Take an hour during the day)

Tuesday – Free Ice Cream

Wednesday – Nerd Day/Pop Corn at recess

Thursday – Crazy Hair Day

Friday – Field Day, Rita’s, Obstacle Course

Jeanna Neeley - President

Katrina Own - 1st VP/Membership

Kerri Tolar - 2nd VP/Budget & Finance

Kelli Strzinek - Treasurer

Alyssa O'Rear - Secretary