Judaism 101

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A Jews way of life

Jews are people who follow the Judaism religion. If you are Judaism you will be considered a Jew. They follow a monotheistic religion where they believe in one God and have a common figure called Abraham. Which is the same for the religions Islam and Christianity. Their God is just called God. They use the Torah, their holy book to learn more about God. Other holy books are the Tanakh. Rabbis are the teachers of the Torah. Jews go to worship God in a synagogue. Rabbis teach at a synagogue. Traditional Jews practice only eat food allowed by the Torah called kosher foods. Kosher foods do not let Jews eat pork, shellfish, or mixed milk and other meat products. A sacrament is a mitzvah which happens on a Jews thirteenth birthday if they are a boy (bar) or twelfth birthday if they are a girl (bat) mitzvah. One key believe of a Jew is to have a weekly day of rest called Shabbat which is the Hebrew word for Sabbath. Shabbat is usually seen as an important holy day that starts sunset on Friday and ends sunset on Saturday. During Shabbat Jews are supposed to set aside work and other everyday concerns. One of the most holy places to the Judaism religion is the Wailing Wall in Jerusalem. The Wailing Wall is sometimes referred to as the Western Wall. Some holidays include Rosh Hasanah which is their new year and were fasting starts, Yom Kipper were fasting ends and Jews have a celebration, Pesach which is there passover,and Hanukkah which celebrates the miracle of oil lasting eight days.

By: Meghan Silva Period 8