Thirty One Fundraiser

Supporting Theresa Schoene on her journey to Prague

An Explanation from Theresa!

I have been given an opportunity to travel to Prague in the Czech Republic with my church, Calvary Mid Rivers, this upcoming August 5 - 18th. This is an exciting adventure being offered by God.

Our church is sending a group of 5 - 8 people to assist the local church and missionaries in teaching English at a camp for young students ages 12 - 19 years old. I am humbled that God has called me to share His love with a group of people that up until 1993 have been under strict communistic rule. While many of the Czech's are open to discussing religious ideas the vast majority of the population is either agnostic or atheist.

While I am not going there to preach the Gospel or teach Bible lessons, I am going to be the hands and feet of Jesus, His basin and towel. I'm going there to do nothing more than have conversations with, listen to, walk alongside and hopefully build relationships with these young people.

Online Thirty One Fundraiser

Monday, May 18th, 7pm

This is an online event.

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