Update from Room 508

Sept. 9 - 13

Things are moving fast!

We're just over 1/2 way through the Quarter. Report cards are just around the corner.

Parents and guardians can check school grades in real-time using the PowerSchool website or app.

What we are learning this week


We are learning al about Brace Maps. A Brace Map is a thinking map that organizes parts of something. For example, Monday we are organizing the parts of a Monster. There's the head, body, arms, and feet. On each of those parts, there are more parts like fingers, feet, and toes. Thinking maps help students organize their thoughts before writing their draft.


Our Essential Question this week is "What do we need to know about saving and spending?" We will be learning where we get money and how we spend money on needs and wants.

The skill we're focusing on this week is Author's Purpose. Students will be determining if the author is trying to persuade, entertain, or inform the reader.


We will be wrapping up our Module 1 lessons and assessing on Friday. This assessment will assess knowledge from the beginning of the tear until now.

Please encourage your students to take their time and focus on what the question is asking as some students panic and rush through or make careless mistakes.

Science & Social Studies

We are wrapping up our units on light and color as well as our unit on communities. We will be moving into Unit 2 - Sound in science and Geography in Social Studies. We will be learning the 7 continents, oceans, and the North and South Hemispheres.

Events this week

Picture Day

Picture day is this Wednesday, Sept. 11th. If you would like to purchase any pictures, please use the form sent home or you can request another one (I only have a few left).

Engage Esperanza K-3

This Wednesday night Esperanza is hosting Engage Esperanza for our Kindergarten through 3rd-grade families. It runs from 5:30 - 7. Engage Esperanza is a great time to see what your child has and will be learning in 3rd grade.