From Rags to Riches

Andrew Jackson

War Record at The Battle of New Orleans

I think that Jackson is a very brave and smart man during this battle because even though the war was already over and this war was not necessary, this just proves that Jackson is a fighter and never gives up, which i think is a good characteristic for a president. This also proves that he is a smart man because i'm sure most people would have just ran and not stayed to fight, instead he used his resources and things around him. Not only did he win this war that nobody thought he would win he also only had a small amount of soldiers compared to Britain army. This is another reason why he is a hero to me because in a way he showed people to never give up and keep going until you get what you're looking for!

Jacksonian Democracy

During this time Jackson did not think it was fair to only have wealthy, rich white me working for him, or that only rich white men could vote. So... Jackson decided that all white me should have the right to vote wealthy or not and he also decided to replace all of his workers with inexperienced regular white men who supported him in his election, Since he was more favored by farmers and the poorer people in the community. I think this was a good thing because he got many more people involved in politics and not only that he is the reason all me and women can vote now... Well the cause leading to why we could.

Killing the National bank

I think that killing the National bank was a great thing because this bank was only beneficial to the wealthy and Jackson did not think it was constitutional at all. So he started moving money out of the banks very slowly until finally there was nothing left and killed the National Bank for good. This to me was a good thing because now regular people could start funding money into there banks and more state banks started opening.

A self made man

In the illustration to the left of me you see two men. I think the first one on the left is of Jackson when he is a young boy on the road of becoming a lawyer and becoming a ''self made man''. And the one on the right is him all grown up and him as president ruling the country. The reason why people liked him so much was because he got to the top all by himself with no help, and he used to be a ordinary man just like then so they can relate to him better. Also everything he did mostly helped the poorer more than the wealthy.