Ms. B's Briones Buzz

Wednesday Edition - October 21, 2020

Hybrid Program notes...

To our families who choose the hybrid program: Please note that siblings will be placed in the same cohort whenever possible unless you notify me that you prefer otherwise. Please send requests to and we will do our best to accommodate your wishes.

If you have older siblings joining the hybrid program, they can enter the same gate as their younger siblings to get to school.

Please do not send any personal items or treats to school to be shared. This includes birthday treats. We will be sure to celebrate in fun, safe ways!

The Unity Day Sumissions Deadline has been extended to Friday!

Bobbie Bobcat is extending the deadline for parents and students to submit either drawings, photos, or words to show what friendship and kindness mean to them. All submissions must be submitted to Bobbie Bobcat at by Friday, October 23rd.

Bobbie Bobcat will decorate our virtual friendship tree with your submissions and those who submit their ideas will receive a virtual friendship badge! Help us show our Unity Day spirit this week and all year!

read, read, read!

Taking time to read real paper books with your child(ren) every day and modeling a love of reading will increase your child's reading proficiency and attitude about books.

Build time into your family schedule to enjoy a great read-aloud together or to simply read silently together and talk about what you read. Getting paper books into the hands of your child is vital and there are a variety of ways to do that!

You can check books out from the Palo Alto library, the wonderful Juana Briones library, and your teachers can provide books and recommendations for great books. Hilary has a wealth of resources, and thanks to our School Site Council, we have a healthy budget dedicated to getting books to kids during the pandemic.

Happy reading!

Family Commute Survey

Please help us and the Safe Routes to School team improve our commute to and from school by completing this Family commute survey:

Family Commute Survey

Thank you!

parenting and supporting youth during covid

CASSY is offering two webinars that focus on supporting youth during COVID-19. Sign up to learn concrete strategies for how parents and caregivers can best support themselves along with their families.
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Take the pledge!

We need EVERY student, staff member, and family member to memorize and live by The Briones Pledge! You can hear me say the pledge in this week's Monday Message video.

The Briones Pledge

Hey there, Bobcats, what do you say?

I know how to make it a safe and fun day!

I’ll wash my hands for 20 seconds or more,

and sanitize them every time I walk through a door.

I’ll make a 6’ bubble to keep personal space,

and I know to always keep my hands away from my face!

On my face, I’ll wear a mask

to protect myself and others, it’s a vital task!

It’s easy when you know what to do,

and we’ll kindly help each other make safe choices too!

All these things I pledge to do

to make our world a safer place for me and you!