People of The American Revolution

Marquis de Lafayette (Jamie) & George Washington (Sloane)

Marquis De Lafayette

The Life of Marquis De Lafayette (1757-1834)

"Hero of Two Worlds"

Born September 9th, 1757, Marquis De Lafayette was born into a wealthy family. His father died in the Seven Year war, and by the time he was thirteen he had lost his mother and grandparents. The loss of his family meant he would inherit all their belongings, including money. The amount of money was so much he was able to contribute $83 million towards helping the American Revolution. De Lafayette was a young officer of George Washington's during the American Revolution, he strongly disagreed with slavery and was very passionate of America. His greatest contribution to the American Revolution and history was when he convinced King Louis XVl to send more French forces to America.

After the Revolution he was the first foreigner to receive the Honorary Citizen Award.

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George Washington

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George Washington 1722-1799

He was born in Virginia in the winter of 1722. He fought as a Major in the British Army.

He was also the leader of the Continental Army. Plus, he lead the constitutional convention.

He didn't believe in political parties he thought they would drive the country apart.

Six Degrees of Separation:

There's only one degree of separation between the two, because they knew each other personally.

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