Zinc Oxide

And why it's bad for you.

What is zinc oxide?

Zinc oxide is used as a food additive and its a vitamin, it is an inorganic compound.

What foods contain zinc oxide?

Most breakfast cereals contain this compound, like Raisin-Bran and Chex. Nutri-Grain products also have zinc oxide.
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There are also many side effects to consuming zinc oxide.

What are the side effects?

Many people can have allergic reactions. These allergic reactions typically occur on the skin. This includes burning, stinging, rashes, and discoloration of the skin. Taking too much zinc oxide can be toxic to your body. This can lead to an overdose. This can also cause stomach pain, diarrhea, nausea, and vomiting.

How this affects pregnant women.

When you are pregnant you can take Zinc supplements, or vitamins. If you take more than 40 mg of zinc, it is unsafe. You can harm yourself, and your baby. You can miscarry, and give yourself stomach problems, like vomiting, and pains.