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December 2015

Literacy Connections

Somehow it's December! How did that happen? I hope you're enjoying the (somewhat) cooler weather and are finding time to bundle up with a good book (or two). As we continue our focus on the new Reading Units, I don't want to forget Writing! This month, I'm focusing on articles and videos that support Writing Workshop.

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Take a Peek...

Here's a peek into Kristine Mraz's kindergarten classroom through a recent blog post. What does this idea of mindset for learning look like in action? Kristi (and her co-teacher) offer ideas that I think are very transferable! I was lucky enough to spend time in her classroom when I attend TC's Coaching Institute. It was awesome to see her work with students up close. What you'll read in this blog post, is what she does every single day. It's powerful and applicable K-5.

Chart Power!

As I visit classrooms, I'm constantly amazed at the charts teachers are creating with students. Here are just some of the creative ways teachers are using anchor charts to support learning in the classroom.

Grades K-2

Pushing Through the Mud

Informational Writing Lesson in Kindergarten

While you watch this short writing lesson to kindergarteners, notice:

  • How often and effective is the 'turn and talk' used
  • How is envisioning used to support students' thinking
  • How is the balance between compliance and engagement
Kindergarten Information Writing

Ideas for Leveraging Modeled Writing

Book Buzz