My life


my life is all about boxing and track that what i have always done the past 4 years.and at boxing you meat new friends and you can know the proper way to fight if sometime they tried do something to you can defend your self and on track when you run it helps you for you can be athletic and if one day when you grown up you can start your one boxing classes and gymnastic and train people and you can even train people in your house and family members and the other thing that i like is mustangs they are fast and loud and the thing i like about theme is that they change form every year and the fastest mustang they made is the gt 500 cobra and they look nice in the inside and outside .and those 3 things do come in handy because boxing self distance and track agility and mustang it can transport you any where you want.

fastest trackers in the world

Monday, April 20th 2015 at 9pm

Massachusetts Ave

Cambridge, MA

The trackers that are cope thing in April 20 2015 and they are the fastest in the world.
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Family Guy

This TV show always makes my day because it is the funniest TV show and it is always funny every episode is hilarious and especially brain and stewed they are the funniest.
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KEY&PEEL are comedians and that make a short amount of time comedian movies that are funniness two guys and the Chanel that they are in is comedy central and they put make up on and act like actors
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HENRY has motivated me since i was little because i used to ply soccer when i was 6 years old and use to watch him played with his home team France because he is french the name that all the people know him is THE LEGEND HENRY because he was the 1st person score allot of goals and they gave him a cleat of gold and Henry was one of the best of the best and allot of teams bought him and he played around the world and still this time he still plays for RED BULLS.
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Throughout the lineage of Air Jordan models, the Air Jordan VI is amongst most sneaker connoisseurs’ favorite designs. So it comes as no surprise that the decision by Jordan Brand to bring back the classic model in 2014 is a popular one. The Air Jordan 6 Retro returns this year in a number of new colorways both new and old. The most anticipated of them all is the original “Carmine” colorway. With a portion of the sneaker world in a frenzy over their release next month (May 2014), now is a great time to look back at the history of the sixth Air Jordan model. We’ll take a look at every original colorway, along with the shoe’s important moments on the feet of Michael Jordan himself.
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The gamma blue 11s are limited addition because they are rear to find and it was only one time that they came out and by luck i bought some and camp out for theme and they came out in Christmas and the gamma blues are the perfect 11s they have made in a while