Warriors Heart By: Kaitlyn Workman

A peek into the life of Eric Greitens

Joining The Navy Seals.

You lay down in freezing cold ocean salt water. You could stand up ring the bell and be warm and eat hamburger like the rest of the guys or you can stay there and be a trooper.You know if you ring that bell you will not be a Navy Seal. What would you do?

Life As A Navy Seal.

You live life on the ocean, swimming , fighting for you and your countries life and future. There is two paths, die, lose the battle let your country be in a war or, live, and put your countries future at its full potential. Your stuck on sea for days... You go thru high and ,low tides. Warm and cold water. Sharks and other dangerous sea creatures. This is your new life. You signed up for it , going to have to live with it.

The Real Navy Seals Above!