Technology Class: Recycling.

By: Juan Manuel Orozco G.

Why Is It Important To Recycle?

For decades, humans have been damaging the planet with toxic waste and trash, contaminating rivers, seas and forests, and all because of products made by us. When we don't need those elements anymore, we contaminate the world with them. A way to correct our error is to reuse those elements that pollute so easily, and maybe use them again and again, so they won't damage our world. When we recycle, great portions of our waste are broken down and used to create new materials, without the great damaging to earth it would cause if they were produced again.

What Is Recycling's Greatest Economic Benefit?

Recycling saves a lot of money to great enterprises, because producing the material again costs twice of recycling it and using it again. Also, with less waste, the quantity of elements that need to go to landfill or the incinerator reduces, achieving a great money save on waste disposal costs.

What Are The Environmental Benefits Of Recycling?

Recycling reduces pollution in great amounts, because with the extraction of materials from the earth, many elements are released that pollute the environment. When we reuse and recycle, we minimize the pollution that comes with the manufacturing process of the elements.

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I learned that caring for the planet is a teamwork, we need to realize that humans need to help each other in order to help the world in which we live in. We have to stop being ambitious and start making conscience about all the good things our planet does for us, while we destroy it and create more problems for society. Making less waste is also sharing, it's having empathy with people that would love to have the things we don't use anymore, making the world a better place is our only task, our only way to say thanks to the planet for being our home, it's what deep inside makes us humans: sharing with others, so we all can live a good life.
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