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24 Ways to use the iPad in the Classroom:


· Ted Ed: Watch the little video to see how you can flip the classroom using this site:

· Learn it in 5: Learn it in 5 is a powerful library of how-to videos, produced by technology teachers, for the purpose of helping teachers and students create classroom strategies for today's 21st century's digital classroom. These step-by-step how-to videos walk teachers through Web 2.0 technology, demonstrating how to use Web 2.0 applications like blogs, social networks, podcasts, interactive videos, wikis, slide sharing and much more.

· iPad Learn it in 5 links:

· Create video tutorials on iPad with ShowMe
The free application, ShowMe, allows iPad users to easily create and share video tutorialson the iPad. Teachers can compose lessons to share with students in a 1:1 iPad program and/or, they can record their creations and share them with one click to various social media. ShowMe also allows users to save tutorials and easily search for them later. TheShowMe web site also offers many already-created tutorials for teachers and students to use.

Socrative: Watch the little video on how to use Socrative in your room. 3 mins:

Google Form tutorial:

Video websites to help flip the classroom Look up a topic and chances are there is a little video for your students to watch on it. Post in Schoolology or Edmodo and have them walk in with the knowledge.

iPad Apps

Helpful for Many Subject Areas

  • Awesome resource: Kathy Schrock's Bloomin Apps Site. Scroll down and check out all of the apps for iPads that are arranged by Bloom's taxonomy.
  • Explain Everything: similar to Educreations: You can capture everything you do on the iPad, rewatch it and share it. See the little video on it here:
  • Air Sketch: Watch the video on how to use an iPad, lap top and smart board synchronized together:
  • Educreations: Awesome for creating in all subject areas. Import pics from the web, draw and illustrate and write text. Record it all and share in a class folder. Look up already created lessons from other teachers in their search area and find created items.
  • Vocaroo and Tagomobile: Create QR codes easily. Use Vocaroo for audio clips you want to make into QR codes. Have your students look up the QR codes using Qrafter on the iPads.

Check out:

Hoot.Me is a Facebook application that converts Facebook into one big study session. Students simply allow the app access to Facebook and they can then instantly enter what they are working on and team up with other users from around the world. The great part of this app is that it takes away a lot of the extraneous Facebook features that one might not want as a distraction while studying or reviewing a concept/problem. Students can video chat with each other, text chat, and even use the smart text editor to enter complex Calculus equations in simple form and see them instantly convert to look as they should. This is a great way for Facebook users to build their social study group.

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