Soul Surfer

Courtney Clair

Never give up on anythng you try.


Bethany Hamilton is a surfer who wanted to become a professional at surfing, but she went surfing with her best friend Alana and got her arm bit off by a shark. They rushed her to the hospital and she lost 60% of her blood and lived. When, she thought she would never surf again, she was wrong. She never gave up, she kept trying, and with no fear of getting bitten again, she got up on the surf board and surfed! Bethany is faithful, kind, and inspiring. Today, she is a pro-surfer and an influence on everyone.

Bethany Hamilton and the Author

Bethany is a kind hearted, faithful girl who believes she can do anything. She is from Kauai, Hawaii where a tragedy happened. On Halloween morning, Bethany and her best friend Alana went surfing with Alana's dad and her brother. Her and Alana where laying on the surf boards talking when a shark came up out of no where and bit Bethany's arm off. Bethany thought she would never surf again but when she tried and tried she was able to.

Alana Blanchard

Alana is Bethany's best friend, but their more like sisters. On the day of the attack, Alana was always right there next to Bethany helping her recover. She is also a surfer and had that dream becoming a pro.


The attack happened on Halloween morning, in Kauai, Hawaii. On a warm fall day. With perfect waves.
Bethany Hamilton - My Story "Soul Surfer"

Conflict and Resolution

The conflict of Soul Surfer is Bethany not being able to surf from losing her arm from a shark attack. It was resolved not only from being able to surf again, but by inspiring people. Influencing people to keep trying, never give up, everything was planned by God and has a meaning. Even though Bethany might want her arm back, she will have the thought that she helped people follow their dreams and make them come true.