Mercury Online Happenings....

August 13-17 2012

Upcoming Dates to Remember

  • Monday, August 13th: First day of school for CO
  • Wednesday, August 15th: First day of school for CA & AZ
  • REMINDER: students in grades 2-10 are completing benchmark/placement testing this week
  • Friday, August 17th: Advisor meeting in Julie's office at 2pm Eastern
  • Wednesday, August 22nd: New employees will receive 1st paycheck
  • Tuesday, September 4th: Last day for new high school enrollment (students who have not already been in school this semester and would not be coming with transfer grades cannot enroll after this date)
  • Tuesday, September 4th: STAFF MEETING @ 6pm Eastern in Stephanie's office (these will always be at this time on the 1st Tuesday of each month- mark your calendar!)
  • September 10th: All new hires will receive 1st paycheck

Staff Spotlight

Our first spotlight is Tammy Kirkpatrick, Head of School for Mercury CA. Tammy has been with us since the very beginning as a classroom teacher, then as an onsite administrator, and now as our Head of School! We appreciate all that Tammy does for Mercury! She is a pleasure to work with:)

Who's Who at Mercury Online?

Ever wonder when you receive an email who the person is that is sending it? Ever have a question and you are unsure who to ask? Well, we are here to help.... You should be receiving an email today with the most up to date Mercury Staff list!

Don't Forget.....

....that after the 1st week of school, students will always begin class on the Monday after receiving the laptop consult your Week #1 schedule for the number of instructional minutes that you should be assigning each day
...if you are a new hire be sure Brenda McCullers has all of your paperwork so that you will receive your paycheck on time!

Student Advisement - Exciting Times!

We are so excited about our student advisement program for the upcoming school year! All students will be supported, along with their parents, through this program. Our advisors are as follows:

Kindergarten: Wendee Kennedy, Rachelle Smiley

1st grade: Wendee Kennedy, Paula Levengood

2nd grade: Ashley Pierce, Shannon Miller

3rd grade: Erin Kessel, Tinamarie Gallagher

4th grade: Erin Kessel, Tinamarie Gallagher

5th grade: Sarah Zayas, Stephen Walker

6th grade: Sarah Zayas

7th grade: Dawn Myers

8th grade: Dawn Miller

9th-12th grades: Autumn McKay

Clubs are coming to Mercury Online

We are so excited to offer our students the opportunity to interact with peers and have the club experience. Students will have the opportunity to sign up the 1st few weeks of school.... More info to come!

We will have the following club options:
Book Club
Art Club
Environmental Club

Your National Team Is Here For You!

From L-R: Paula, Brenda, Stephanie, Julie, Leigh, & Maria. Not pictured: Carrie and Allen