Newsletter 29th March 2022

Levin East School


Kia ora koutou

The recent changes to Covid mandates are an indication that we can slowly return to having everyone back on site, which is fantastic. We have three events planned before the end of term and look forward to having you here to cheer the children on.

First up, next Wednesday, from 9:30 to 11:50 we will run our Junior Athletics session. It involves all the children in Kākano and Pihinga and the Year 3 tamariki in Kōhuri.

The following day, Thursday 7th April, we will have the Senior Athletics. They will run all day, starting at 9:40am. The Year 4 tamariki in Kōhuri and the Te Whanake and Māhuri teams will be involved in this event. The following week, on Tuesday 12th April we are planning to hold a Whānau House fun event, with an Easter theme. We are looking to make this a 'welcome back' event, with fun and food being the focus. More on this next week.

We look forward to as many of you as possible coming along, yes, masked up, to support all the tamariki at Levin East School.

Please feel free to catch up with us via email, phone or text- they are the safest ways at present.

Kiā pai tō wiki. Have a great week.

Rikki Sheterline


"Switched on Learners" Anytime, Anywhere, Together!

"The Bad Guys" Colouring Competition Winners

Yesterday two mystery judges decided the winners of "The Bad Guys" colouring competition that was being held through the school library.

Congratulations to the following winners:

Pihinga Team: Willow Taitoko

Kōhuri Team: Greer Tawhara

Te Whanake Team: Mackenzy Bourne

Māhuri Team: Selaima Fa'avae

Below: Selaima Fa'avae, Greer Tawhara, Mackenzy Bourne and Willow Taitoko

Selaima Fa'avae, Greer Tawhara, Mackenzy Bourne, Willow Taitoko

Whānau House Placings for Week 7

1st: Douds

2nd: Good

3rd=: Murray and May

Congratulations: Douds Whānau House, winners (again) last week.

Te Whanake Learning Expo

The students in Te Whanake will be presenting their learning in the form of an Expo this Thursday. As it is their first Expo, they are sharing just with peers. They will share with family and whānau next time.

Keep an eye on HERO as we will look to share some photos there.


  • Thurs 31 March: Te Whanake Learning Expo 10:00 - 11:50am

  • Wed 6 April: Junior Athletics day 9:30am - 12:00pm

  • Thurs 7 April: Senior Athletics day 9:0am - 2:40pm

  • Tues 12th April: Whānau House Easter Event

  • Thur 14 April: Last day of Term 1. School finishes at 2:50pm

  • Mon 2 May: Term 2 Starts 9:00am


At Levin East, students in teams Kōhuri, Te Whanake and Māhuri use chromebooks for digital learning. Whilst the school has some chromebooks, it is warmly recommended that parents & caregivers seriously consider providing chromebooks for their tamariki in these teams.

To help with this, Te Hinaki Trust is offering the opportunity for whānau & families to apply for sponsorship. Whānau / family pay $100 towards the cost of the chromebook, and apply to the Trust for the rest.

If you would like more information or to collect sponsorship forms, please see Mrs Barnard at the school office.


Have you downloaded the Hero by Linc-Ed app?

This is how you access your child/ren’s reporting information.

We also use this app to keep you up to date with our community notices. Download ‘Hero by Linc-Ed’ at the app store and let us know if you need help from there.

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Variety the children’s charity provides Kiwi Kids Sponsorship which matches a child living in financial hardship with a sponsor to provide funding each year for basic essentials, school related costs and extra-curricular activities. This is a great way to get a little extra help.

For more information please come and see Mrs Barnard.

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