Water Pollution

Help Us Save The Ocean and Its Marine Life!

Help Our Exhibition Group Save the Ocean!

Our Exhibition Group is trying to save the oceans and the marine life. We have done some actions like Beach Clean Ups. If you want to help you can too, just do some actions.


We can help water pollution by doing actions. We can do direct actions,(Beach Clean Ups) Advocacy(Teaching people about Water pollution) and loads more! We could also just plainly pick up rubbish whenever you see some.

Some Facts

Let's Tell you some more information

The Great Pacific Rubbish Patch

There is a big patch of rubbish in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. Over time it has broke down into little pieces and is much more dangerous to animals. Even though it's small it isn't harmless. Animals think it's prey and eats them, by doing that the plastic can't digest in there stomach so they eventually choke and die.

A Good Organisation

DBGreen is an organisation that helps with a lot of issues.(Water Pollution, Habitat Destruction e.c.t.)They do Beach Clean Ups every month. Be sure to check out their page!

Another Good Organization

Plastic Free Seas is an non-profit organization that is trying to clean the beaches and waters in Hong Kong. Some actions they do is :
  • Education and awareness in schools of our local issues in context to the global plastic pollution problem

  • Corporate events to encourage participation & understanding
  • Engaging in and fostering programs to better define and understand the impact of plastic in our marine environment.

Check out their website to learn more about them! : )
Effect of Water Pollution by CHIJ Kellock