Belo Monte Dam

by jason lopez


The Belo Monte Dam is the second-largest hydroelectric and the dam would supply electricity for homes, businessses,such as new industries
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why people want dam

26% of population still live in poverty. Many people think that more economic growth will help. New businesses need electricity, and the country's current electricity is not big enough to supply this growth.

The dam would provide an estimated 18,700 direct jobs, with an additional 25,000 indirect jobs.

why people are opposed

The dam is expected to flood 400 square kilometers (150 sq mi ) of the Amazon forest,this also mean loss of vegetation and nutrient space.

The dam will displace over 20,000 people, Diversion canals will reduce the flow of the Xingu river by 80% in the area known as the volta grande (''Big Bend'') where the territories of 18 ethnic groups are located, including the juruna and Arara people.