Neil Armstrong

Man on the Moon

About me!

In July of 1969, I was 8 years old. My parents and I had moved into a new house that previous May. In search for something with the home sweet home effect was how mother had put it. Of course me being the only child I got what I very well pleased. But I have to say things often got boring when not having any other siblings around to interact with. I always remember cruising around in our 1965 Chevy Corvette, sitting in the back of the car with my hair blowing in my face, Listening to The Beatles, The Jackson Five, or Diana Ross which ever one seem to set the summer mood.

Lift Off..

July 16, 1969, sitting right dead slap in the middle on the television view. Mother kept having to tell me to scoot way from the television because I kept scooting closer and closer. But I couldn't help it! My jaw was wide open the whole time and my eyes did not once ever leave contact with the screen. Apollo 11 was being launched from the Kennedy Space Center. This was the most remarkable thing I had ever seen before. Despite my imagination whenever I was playing in the backyard. Of course thought what 8 year old wouldn't be fascinated with a rocket ship being launched into outer space.

On July 20, 1969 in only a matter of 4 days, as part of the Apollo 11 mission Neil Armstrong became the very first to accomplish the dream of landing on the moon. This hole event had left thousands of Americans speechless, and the other half of American who lead to believe is was all just a big hoax. From watching the footage of Neil Armstrong taking his first step on the moon and quotes "This is one small step for man, and one giant leap for man kind." It gives me hope and faith that when I feel like giving up that I look back to this moment in time and remember the remarkable things that can happen when you set your mind, heart and will to them.

Neil Armstrong - First Moon Landing 1969