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April & May Newsletter

WOOHOO! You ladies are rockin it!

I am a little behind on the newsletter! So here is April & May combined! If you are wanting to kick start your way into summer & need some help, please reach me out. I have some helpful tips & training to help you succeed. Congrats to some amazing Rockstars for the past 2 months! Keep up the great work!

Who's excited for premier this weekend?? I can't wait to see all the newness!


My personal sales $ 3590.54 /My personal sales $3363.00

Total Team Sales- $ 9210.54/ Total Team Sales $12,178.00

Total Team Size 24 /Total Team Size 24

over $1000 WOOHOO!! /over $1000 WOOHOO!!

Sarah DaSilva $3590.54/ Sarah DaSilva $3363.00

Denise Obtinario $1196.09 /Denise Obtinario $2913.00

Zin Ponce- $1271.65/ Angie Mackovich-Reyes $2292.00

Gina Lane-Lessel $1063.00

Whitney Paul-Procter $938 (so close!!)

PARTY GIRLS!!! (Held at least one party in the month of April & May)

Amanda Butler

Joeleen Hodgson

Rachel Brown

Becca Brown

Heidi Swieder

Kristen Maples

Gina Lane- Lessel

Cathy Jones

Stacey Choinard

Jennifer Buckhalter

Shauna Anderson

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Who is going to beat my sales for June to earn a special gift from me???

Sarah DaSilva Independent Director

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