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Vanessa Hudgens poses with monster pizza; makes entire world jealous in the process

Vanessa Hudgens is pretty well known for her svelte figure and insanely dedicated workout regimes, so we were pretty surprised to see the actress had posted a photo of herself next to THE biggest and most beautiful pizza ever.

We're serious. It's the sort of pizza that the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles would have LOVED to sink their teeth into!

The ridiculously toned Spring Breakers star posed alongside the ooey-gooey cheese 'n' pepperoni number (fresh from Big Mama's & Papa's pizzeria, if you were wondering), dressed in a cute white bikini and all-American shorts.

Hardly the most forgiving outfit for gorging in, but, hey, that's just us. We tend to prefer something with a bit more elastic in the waistline when we're settling down for an all-night eating sesh.

Vanessa posted a snap of the pizza to her Tumblr, tweeting fans a link to the snap with a cheeky: "pizza anyone?"

YOU KNOW WE CAN'T CLIMB IN THROUGH THE COMPUTER, VANESSA! Otherwise, obviously, we'd be there with napkins stuffed into our shirt collars and paper plates in our hands.

Judging by the cups and plates around her, it seems as though Vanessa had people there in force to help her finish scoffing the pizza anyway. The brunette beauty had been having a pool party during the day - possibly to celebrate the release of Spring Breakers on DVD - and apparently asked her guests to stay the evening for a delicious communal junk food binge.

Although we doubt even a group would be able to make a dent in that thing... unless, of course, Raphael, Donatello, Michaelangelo and Leonardo were there too!

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