Robert Stephenson

By: Tristan Coello

Early life

Robert Stephenson was born in a village named Willington Quay, Northumberland on October 16,1803.His parents were George and Frances Henderson. Three years later, his mom passed away from tuberculosis. He was sent to a school where he was thought by Tommy Rutter.


Robert grew up watching his dad work as a railroad engineer. His dad was known as ''Father of railways.'' Robert quickly gained interest in his dad's work. He built on the achievements of his Father.


Robert was known as the greatest engineer of the 19th century. he built the most advanced locomotive of its time named Rocket. couple years later, he built another locomotive even more advanced than the last one. Robert also designed and built railways like the Stockton and Darlington Railway in 1835.

What was Robert's family like?

Robert had a wife named Frances Sanderson. she was his spouse from 1829-1842.They did not have any children.

What was Robert's childhood like?

Robert's childhood was interesting because he loved watching his dad design and build railways.

what important early experiences did Robert have?

He got to see his dad succeed in his Railroad engineer career. And pretty soon Robert began designing and building railways and locomotives.

What places have Robert lived?

When he was a child, he lived in Willington Quay, then he and his family move to Killingworth.

Who inspired Robert?

The person that inspired Robert was his dad because he loved watching his dad work and it was interesting.

What makes Robert interesting?

Robert built the most advanced locomotive of its time.

What contributions did Stephenson have to overcome?

A lot of the things he built was not the best. Some of the bridges he built collapsed. so he had to figure out how to make the bridges stronger and more dependable.

Did Robert receive any awards?

A lot. Some of the awards are: Fellow of the royal society

knight of the order of leopold.

knight of the legion of honour. and so on.

what problem did Robert have?

Trying to figure out if a railway can handle alot of weight and if its strong enough.

What are other people’s opinions of Stephenson?

They though he was really smart. He knew exactly what he was doing.