The Journey to Perseverance

By: Emma Plummer

Walt Disney: If you can dream it , you can do it (description)

Walt Disney is well known for his touching animation films and theme parks.That he built a place where children could enjoy themselves and meet the characters he created. What a lot of people don't know is all of the struggles and obstacles he had to overcome for his dream to become a reality. For example, he kept trying while being told he wasn't good enough. Many people told him that he had no imagination or creativity. Instead of letting that stop him he was PERSISTENT and showed RESOLVE by creating new ideas and sharing them with different people until someone liked his work.

Another obstacle that he had to overcome was that he didn't always have enough money. He had to be willing to ask for money and help. At one point of his life he was living and working in his uncle's garage.For instance, things weren't always handed or given to him. If he wanted to do something he had to MUSTER up the courage and work for it. Walt was able to accomplish amazing things throughout his life and was able to turn his dreams into a reality by working hard and never giving up.

Nadja on my way (problem/solution)

Since a young age Nadja knew what she wanted to do. She wanted to be a professional violinist. She attended Juilliard dance, art and music school. After arriving there she saw how good the college players were and realized that she would have to work harder if she planned on being the best. A huge low for her was when she couldn't play a piece Carmen Fantasy. It made her feel bad at about herself so she became COMPLACENT and stopped practicing as much. She sounded so bad and couldn't play simple things like the G major scale so she stopped playing for seven whole months. All of her struggles and difficulties taught her that she had to work hard and put in all of her effort if she wanted to achieve her goals. So she began practicing all day everyday and never left the house. Nadja decided that she was never going to get better if she didn't try . So she signed up to compete in the Walter W. Naumburg International Violin Competition. Things were beginning to look up for her when she was one of the 13 violinist that had made it to the semi-finals. She had to have hope and trust that she knew what she was doing. So she played her weak piece first and saved her strong piece for the finals.At the finals she performed her strong piece and ended up winning the entire competition and the cash prize. All of her hard work and CONVICTION had paid off and taught her that you have to overcome your ADVERSITY to succeed.
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Perfect: Cause and Effect

Isabelle wanted to shut everything out of her life. She wanted to pretend that she didn't have a serious problem and that she wasn't hurting inside. Her father died unexpectedly at a young age. This caused her to feel alone and INADEQUATE. She felt like she had no one to talk to. So she starting eating and eating and became more IDLE. It helped her forget about all the pain and loss she was going through. This had a big effect on her life. She starting to gain weight, which resulted in her eating disorder. Every time she would eat she would run to the bathroom and throw it up. Her mom encouraged her to join a support to group to help her with her problem. This is where she met Ashley who has the same problem as her. Instead of helping Ashley only encouraged her to throw up more.Throughout the book Isabelle realizes that she doesn't have to throw up and that it is her choice. It is a problem that she will have to work at to change.

Maxcy Filer: Try until you succeed

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Compare and contrast: Lorenzo vs. Oscar

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