Free iPad Apps for Teachers

Diana Bert

Things I learned from this webinar:

I found several apps that I did not know about that I think will be useful in my classroom.

1. Socrative Teacher : An app that allows you to create quizzes or ask questions to students. The students respond using their mobile devices. It is a great way to get immediate feedback from students.

2. PBS Parents Play & Learn: An app that is for students to work with their parents. The app focuses on math and literacy skills students can practice at home. Parents are always asking for resources to use at home, and I think this will be a great one to share!

3. Flashcardlet: An app that has an abundance of flashcards already created, or students can create their own based on their own needs. The app also connects to Quizlet to create flashcards that correlate with your quiz.

4. Kindle: Kindle App will allow you to connect to libraries and check out e-books for students to read. When the due date is up, the book is removed from the device so there is no late fees.

Socrative Teacher

How It Works

This app engages students with games and exercises, students can answer questions from their mobile device and it will send it to the teacher's device. Teachers will then be able to view student responses and even send them to an Excel file to save.

PBS Parents Play & Learn

PBS Parents Play and Learn is a great way for parents to work with their children at home. Students can work through 52 activities that are based on environments that they go to daily. It is also bilingual for students that are ESOL.
PBS Parents Play & Learn



Flashlet was rated as one of the best 3 apps for teaching ESL Learners new words and helping with their vocabulary. This app allows students to create flashcards, add pictures, study, shuffle, change order and keep up with how many they got right or wrong. This app is not only for iPads, which is useful for others with other devices.