What Kids Think About School


What Kids of Mrs. Rauker's Computer Class,S1, Thinks of School

About My Survay

For my survey I will be interviewing 5 boys and 5 girls. I will be asking the following questions: Do you like school? scale from one to ten.

How useful do you think school? is scale from one to ten.

What is your favorite subject?

How hard is computer class? scale from one to ten.

What is your favorite lunch?

Data on boys


1) 1.7 2.9 3.Math 4.3 5.Country Fried Steak Spencer Harris

2) 1.9 2.10 3.Social Studies 4.5 5. Country Fried Steak Drew Carpenter

3) 1.2 2.9 3.C.A 4.10 5.Country Fried Steak Luke Long

4) 1.3 2.9 3.Social Studies 4.10 5.Country Fried Steak anonymous

5) 1.1 2.1 3.Social Studies 4.10 5.home lunch anonymous

Conclusion on Boys

The average of boys liking school is 4.4.

The average boy likes school at a 7.6.

Most boys like S.S.

The average boy thinks computer class is 7.8 on the scale of hard.

4/5 boys like country fried steak the best.

Data on Girls

1)1.1 2.10 3.C.A. 4.1 5. home lunch Paige Whitney

2)1.3 2.10 3.math 4.1 5.country fried steak Gracyn Cloth

3)1.1 2.10 3.C.A. 4.10 5.chicken nuggets Maddie Taylor

4)1.7 2.10 3.C.A. 4.2 5.country fried steak Alexus Ausler

5)1.7 2.10 3.C.A. 4.2 5.country fried steak Kaylene Wasmer


Kid President This will take you to a video about students and teachers

Conclusion on Girls

The average of girls liking school is 3.8.

The average girl likes school at a 10.

Most girls like C.A.

The average girl thinks computer class is 4.4 on the scale of hard.

3/5 girls like country fried steak.