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The perks of having an office park.

We've not been writing.

No matter how much we tried, we’ve been facing a typical agency problem: the 'Too busy to blog' Syndrome.

Stealing a moment from work to reflect, i came out to the couch of our office balcony.

Staring at a couple of students at the park opposite, i realized I spend all my non screen time staring at it every day.

It's just so involuntary that it never hit me before how much this park has come to mean to us.

Albeit crude looking and sparsely planted, we love our office park.

It adds to our day's happiness in many, often ignored, ways.

If we didn't have it, where would we:

1. Go for quiet walks post lunch? Taking a break from work, going on an ice cream spree or phone conversations- it all means heading to the park. A lot can happen over at the park.

2. Direct our procrastination at? Yes, creative people are guilty of procrastination. But at least we get to look at nature while we indulge.

3. Look for inspiration? The park has educated me in green. If I had a buck for every shade of green I have spotted in this park, I could finally buy myself that intuous 5 I’ve been eyeing.

4. Study unsuspecting kids and adults enjoying a public space? Can't emphasize how much it helps a designer's grounding when they are frequently looking at the people they’re designing for. It helps empathize and it helps design better.

5. Discuss our graphic design inspirations? Some designs are so yummy that they make you jump from your chair. When there's an immediate need to discuss such brilliance and our passions need a channel to ooze, it’s the park we choose.

6. Fight each other defending our love for either Ui or Ux. Some people live Ui, Some live Ux. It’s hard debating the qualities of one over the other and even harder to decide a winner. This park has seen many a python vs. Java rap battles.

7. Develop our illustration skills? Seriously, an open park with clumsy park benches, where people pop in an out as they will, is an ideal setting for live sketching and ideating.

8. Look at our design studio from and be proud of how far we've come. It takes a lot to build a good design agency. And taking a moment to realize that at the end of a crazy work day just helps us be more grateful.