My Goals

By:Emily Ryals

My Reading Goal

My reading goal is to read my books in shorter time or days.I plan to do this by reading more everyday after school when i get home.Also when i go places.
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My Writing Goal

My wring goal is to write neater and i plan to do that by taking more time on my writings.

I also like to write at home and i never take my time an I write sloppy.

My Math Goal

My math goal is to get better at angles.I can never tell which one is which.My plan is to study angles almost every day when i get free time.
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My Behavior Goal

My behavior goal is to spell LIGHT every day in class.My plan to accomplish this is to be on my best behavior and be a leader to everybody else(a good leader).
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Personal Goal #1

My first personal goal is to win the rest of my games in softball this season.I'm going to do this by playing my best and practicing everyday.
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Personal goal #2

My second personal goal is to keep my room clean.The way i'm going to do this is to clean up my mess I've made right after i do it.