It Doesn't Make Any Scents

By: Kelly Campbell and Gwen Addicott

Why did we choose this topic? About our topic

We are interested in why we associate smell with memory. It may help us to be more awate of surroundings to remember things. Smell and memory are closely related because the olfactory bulb is part of the brains limbic system. The parts of the brain that are triggered when the sense of smell is happening are the olfactory bulb, the hippo-campus, and the amygdala (associated with memory). There are no parts of the brain failing to work when this is going on, also there are no other theories.

Experiments and Interesting Stuff

In an experiment conducted on the correlation of smell and memory, a group of people were shown images along with a good or bad smell. They were asked to come back the next week and remember whether a good or bad scent was correlated with a specific image. This experiment was conducted by graduate student Yaara Yeshrum along with professors Noam Sobel and Yadin Dudai. Something interesting is that some peopple correlate eating with a memory. When eating something evokes a memory, it is actually the smell. If you were to pinch your nose the food would not taste the same.
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